Roofing Shingles For Sale – How Best To Maintain Your Roof

So you found some great deals on roofing shingles for sale and bought them to construct your roof. Great. But remember this. No matter what roof your home has, or when you had it installed, it is mandatory that you periodically inspect it for leaks and damage. Whenever you notice something amiss, act quickly to have it fixed.

How often you carry out such inspections will be a function of the age of your building and the nature of your roof. Asphalt roofing typically lasts for between 15 and 25 years, making it necessary to inspect them more often after the first decade or so. Other roofing materials like metal or clay have a different durability and expected lifespan. Roofing shingles for sale may indicate either a lack of appeal in the market or defective quality, making it necessary to modify your schedule of inspections in accordance with this.

To help you decide if your roof is in good shape or not, take a look at this checklist and see if your own roofing displays any of these faults.

  1. Is there any discoloration on your roof? If you can see black or brown streaks on the roofing shingles for sale, this can mean that there has been either a wearing off of the material or its protective layer, or else that they have been stored for a very long time on the shelves attracting fungus or mold. This is more likely to happen whenever there is a higher level of humidity.
  2. Check the roofing shingles for sale to see if there are any cracks or damage. While it may sound attractive to pay less for roofing shingles and ignore the slight damage, you may pay a high penalty for such carelessness when the leaks that result weaken other shingles and tiles. Whenever there are harsh weather conditions, like a heavy rainfall or harsh winds, the shingles will blow off leaving the rest of the building open to damage.
  3. Trees and other obstacles close to your building can damage the roofing shingles you install. Cut off branches that are dangerously close and try and rectify other elements that can cause harm to your shingles. Otherwise the damage will extend causing you to need replacement or reinstallation of broken shingles.
  4. Leaks into the roof can damage the walls and interior of your building. Not only that, the seepage of water actually causes structural weakening of the home itself. When you can see moss or fungus on any of the walls, that is external evidence that moisture has seeped underneath and this must be dealt with aggressively to prevent further worsening.
  5. Clean the roof of any fallen leaves, twigs or other debris. Otherwise, when damp and moist, this lets organic material grow and thrive, including various fungi and molds. Also insects thrive on such mulch, and can eat into the roofing and structure. This leads to extensive damage and requires expensive repairs. This more than exceeds what you save from using roofing shingles for sale.
  6. Have a consultant over to take a look from time to time. Some early signs of damage are not apparent to lay persons but an expect will spot them right away. By fixing them soon enough, you may save a lot of money.